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Originally posted by meus_venator at Signal Boost: Fundraiser for Lia (SylsDarkPlace)
Stolen from anniespinkhouse for any flisters we don't share. This is about Lia (sylsdarkplace). Some of you may have seen her journal entry describing what is going on with her.

Annie: In short she has breast cancer and is undergoing treatment which has a good success rate. However, she is wading through this hardship with health insurance that is dependant on her remaining working, and barely covers the basics of her treatment. It is painful, exhausting and financially crippling.

vennstiel, describes it best here where she has set up a gofund me for LIa, for anyone to donate whatever they can.

I know that on LJ her help, advice and kindness has been experienced by so many so I am sharing the link here so that everyone has a chance to give. Not everyone is in a position to give anything but shares or signal boosts of this would be helpful too, and if you have a Tumblr then you can follow her personal account killertatas for updates, and to let her know that she is not alone with this.

MV: *what she says*
I'm normally a bit leary of giving online because... who knows, but in this case I've know Lia for years now and this is on the up and up.
As the lovely british saying goes 'every little helps'.


The Smoke - Episode 1 on Sky Go

For any Sky customers out there the first episode of The Smoke is available to watch now.

You don't need a tablet or app, Sky Go can be viewed on a laptop.

The Smoke - First Scene on You Tube

I spotted this on You Tube today. It's the first 7 minutes of the first episode of The Smoke, and all I can say is OMG.......


Years ago I had two sisters, my own blood sister, and a new younger step sister after my father remarried following my mothers early death at the age of 47, Alison and Jane.

Alison decided she didn't want anything to do with me or her step family after our father died, she walked away without a backward glance telling us she wanted to move on from us in a letter she posted to my step mother. To this day I have no idea where she is, or what she is doing.

My step sister Jane, mother of two teenagers, age 41, died today of breast cancer, less than 7 months after she first saw a doctor, and 12 days after we were told she had a few months. Her children are 13 and 16.

Years ago I had an extended family, now it's getting smaller and smaller. If you love someone tell them, before its too late.


Sharing this as its important, with thanks to Stir of Echoes for the original post

Originally posted by stir_of_echoes at Clarification Regarding Censorship and Bans of Slash Writers
There is now clarification from Livejournal regarding the banning, and supposed censorship of angstytimelord's journal.

LJ Staff member markf commented with this:

LJ staff here, and responsible for site policy. This rumor spreading about being blocked for posting slash/gay content is unfounded. Their IP address was temporarily blocked from accessing LiveJournal, and this sort of thing does happen due to anti-spam & anti-DDOS measures which are in place, and these unfortunately do produce some false positives and block people who shouldn't be blocked sometimes. This is completely unrelated to their journal's content, though. If there was a problem with angstytimelord's content, it wouldn't still be accessible; you'd see a message indicating that it was suspended. That didn't happen because there is no problem with their content; they haven't violated site policy. We're very anti-censorship, and while Strikethrough did happen, there's not a single person working for LiveJournal who didn't argue against that decision; the people who made it haven't worked for LiveJournal in 5+ years.

Since some concerns about Russians overtaking the site's policy have been raised, I think it's worth clarifying a few things. All content policy issues are handled by people in the U.S. Any admin tools that can be used to restrict access to content on the site are not accessible to anyone in Russia. LiveJournal's datacenter is in the U.S., not Russia. Russian law does not dictate our site policies. The extent to which the Russian government has affected site content is that we do disable access to certain entries to people who are in Russia; when this happens, we display a message that this content is inaccessible within their region. This is to accommodate a law which forces all internet service providers in Russia to block access to any website which does not comply with this. This means if we choose to not block such content in Russia, everyone in Russia gets blocked from accessing all of LiveJournal.

There's an article about this law Here


Reasons to be Cheerful (and I need them!)

Inspired by this post http://faith-ashlin.livejournal.com/26981.html by faith_ashlin

Reasons to be cheerful, in no particular order.

Ebooks and devices to read them on
Kipling handbags
Fluffy warm dressing gowns
Boots to keep my feet warm
Fandom, that always make me smile
Finding a new HH/AK story or even better a WB/AK story
Hubby coming home when I've been alone all day
Snuggling on the sofa, my feet under his knee.

Big Bang

I was just looking through the names of the authors and artists for the SPN and RPS Big Bang and I just wanted to say I am so excited to see who's participating. Its going to be a wonderful summer filled with awesome fiction.

I'd just like to clarify.....

Normally I start these posts with I'm just a reader, well I am, but this is a clarification post on who I am (those in the QAF fandom will understand, the rest maybe not)

I am Josieb1 here and at Dreamwith
Josieb100 at Google
Josiegoodreads at FB and on http://mrsconditreadsbooks.com/index.php where I review M/M original fiction books (I have no idea if I'm any good at it but I do it for fun)

I'm not a Josie in real life, but I am a Jo. I keep my reading secret as I have friends and family that would be horrified it they knew I read man on man. That's me.


Please help save Dutch - pass it on!

Originally posted by juice817 at Please help save Dutch - pass it on!
First, the form email/info with the petition link:

Dutch is a service dog who helps a disabled veteran in Colorado. Last November, after he was allegedly punched, kicked and hit with a metal pole for several minutes, he bit his attacker, who claimed that she was trying to break up a dog fight. For this, a judge ordered him to be euthanized. But there's still time -- Dutch's family lawyer plans to appeal the decision.

Dutch has no history of aggression and is incredibly important in the vet's life. He shouldn't die for defending himself. I signed this petition asking the officials in his city to commit his sentence, and I'm hoping you'll sign too. Here's the link:

And here is more information on Dutch and his story: http://www.dogheirs.com/dogheirs/posts/2744-disabled-veteran-asks-for-public-support-service-dog-faces-euthanasia-for-biting-woman-who-beat-him-with-metal-pole

High points (or low, as it were) - the woman who beat him admits doing so. She beat him for several minutes, hitting him so hard and so long that her hands hurt. Once she could no longer hit him bare-handed, she started beating him with a metal pole so hard the pole bent. After taking all of this abuse, Dutch finally bit her when she grabbed his mouth after dragging him from the yard inside her house. The veterinarian documented the serious injuries Dutch suffered. That link has additional info and accolades for Dutch.

This is so stupid. The woman admits beating him but she's the one who pressed charges. The judge admits Dutch was provoked but since the beating occurred outside and Dutch bit the woman inside, it's ruled a separate incident. The judge ordered euthanasia, but also ordered that all appeals be exhausted before it happens, so there's still time to put pressure on the court. Please sign and pass it on. Dutch and his vet shouldn't be punished for such vicious animal cruelty.

A Tip

If you ever find a new Fandom (or even an old one) to follow make sure it doesn't have a major character death in cannon.

I honestly haven't cried as much reading as I have in the last few weeks. Its quite depressing

I keep clicking on a new story, and 5 minutes later I'm bawling my eyes out......